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See ITL Total Security in Action

Take a look at the exciting features of ITL Total Security Antivirus in this short video clip. Check out how the Antivirus intelligently scans and protects your system to keep it safe always.

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Effective Scanning in a User-Friendly Manner

ITL Total Security is the one and only tool you need to keep your PC secure from all infections and get the best PC experience. Scan and protect your system now.

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What's All in There?

ITL Total Security keeps your system safe from malware infections like viruses, spyware and other unwanted items. Let’s take a quick glance at its rich features:


Real-Time Protection

Keep your system protected at all times with the Real-Time Protection feature. ITL Total Security continuously scans your system in real-time to keep it safe from all active infections.


Web Protection

Make your web surfing safer by installing the safety add-on on all your web browsers. The add-on blocks all types of incoming infections which you may get while surfing the web.


Live Updates

Get regular database updates on your system to ensure the best protection. Automatic database updates keep your virus definition up-to-date so that you are protected from new infections also at all times.

Why do I need ITL Total Security?

Your system is susceptible to several types of infections. With the entrance of infected items, the system can become slow and your information could be accessible to attackers. ITL Total Security Antivirus takes care of all such issues.

All-in-One Security Tool

ITL Total Security offers a set of remarkable security features for your system. So many options in a single app. Amazing! Isn’t it?


Windows Antivirus

With ITL Total Security, you can rest assured that your PC is always safe. It is an efficient and easy-to-use tool to secure your system and keep yourself protected always.

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Mac Antivirus

ITL Total Security is a great protection utility for your Mac. It keeps you safe at all times with its superb built-in features. Safeguard your system and stay protected always with this security tool.


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7 Days Full Functional Free Antivirus Software Trial